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Management Guides

  • P2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

    Your Rhythm Healthcare P2 Portable Oxygen
    Concentrator is designed to allow you the
    freedom to go where you want to go while
    providing you with the supplemental oxygen
    your Physician has prescribed for you.

  • RHYTHM POC Battery Guide

    Welcome to your new Rhythm Healthcare Portable Oxygen Concentrator. You may have
    the P2 or the P2:E6 model of Portable Oxygen Concentrator.


    You can power an Inogen One System by plugging it into a wall outlet, DC outlet in your car, or for hours at a time with each rechargeable battery.

  • So Lite C2

    Discover the extraordinary blend of premium features and featherlight design with the So Lite® Wheelchair, delivering the utmost in convenience for both individuals and their cherished companions. With just a 14 lb frame, the So Lite® Wheelchair redefines ease. Lift and move effortlessly, contrasting with bulkier alternatives over 40 lbs.

  • So Lite S1

    The world’s lightest mobility scooter that features electronic anti-tipping technology.Amazingly lightweight, portable and foldable scooter. Unique “Electronic Stability Control” provides anti-tipping technology for safety.

  • Journey Air Elite

    The lightest power chair available on the market and ONLY available through Journey. Weight is only 26 lbs without the battery Powered by two 150w brushless motors, which work independently, enabling this agile power chair to turn on the spot.

  • Lexie Bose B2 Plus

    A hearing aid can benefit many people with hearing loss. However, you should know it will not restore normal hearing, and you may still have some difficulty hearing over noise.

  • Go Ultra User Manual V1.0

    The Go Ultra hearing aids are a pair of wireless air conduction OTC hearing aids intended for use by individuals 18 years and
    older with perceived mild to moderate hearing loss.

  • Go Hearing User Manual_v5.0

    This OTC hearing aid is for users who are 18 and older. People who are younger than 18 with hearing loss should see a doctor, preferably an ENT, because they may need medical testing and management.

  • Patient FAQ Portable Oxygen Concentrator

    Your POC has a Pre-Filter Cover and a Cotton Filter. The Pre-Filter Cover needs to be washed once per week. The Cotton Filter cannot be washed, it must be replaced. It should be replaced every 3-6 months depending on the environment.