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We believe healthcare spending should be straight forward, not challenging. We accept both Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards for ApriaHome transactions.

As one of the only major home medical products retailers to offer this, we believe it reflects our commitment to our customers' wellness journey. We also provide a premium, straightforward retail experience by providing superior service and best healthcare products for your evolving needs.

FSA - Use It - Don't Lose It

Use your available FSA funds to purchase eligible healthcare products and supplies on ApriaHome. FSA funds are typically available for a pre-determined timeline according to your individual plan. Be sure to use all available FSA funds before your timeline expires!


Check your specific plan details to determine if a grace period or carryover is available for your FSA. Cards with no carryover option or grace period for unused funds will expire at the end of the plan year.

How To Pay With Your HSA/FSA Card

Simply enter your card details the same way you would enter payment card information when you are checking out on ApriaHome.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are All Health-Related Products On ApriaHome Eligible For FSA And HSA Debit Card Payments?

Most products on ApriaHome are eligible for an FSA/HSA payment option; however, certain items may not be eligible under your plan. For FSA and HSA reimbursement eligibility guidelines, please refer to your plan document or summary plan description. Alternatively, you can contact your plan administrator.

Can I Split An Online Payment Between My FSA/HSA Card And Another Credit/Debit Card?

No, the available funds on the FSA or HSA debit card MUST be sufficient to cover the complete order on ApriaHome. For example, if the total shopping cart order is $575 and the consumer only has $500 available in their FSA/HSA account - the payment cannot be completed using just that card and cannot be split with another card.


If your shopping cart contains several items, you can split the purchase into two or more transactions - one the FSA/HSA debit card within the available funds limit, and the other(s) on one or more other credit/debit card(s) for the remaining items.